Chapter Eight: Mercer’s Plan

It took them a day to finally return to Whiterun and after staying at the inn, they journeyed forth with the sun at their sides. They passed by the Loreius farm, but by this time, the carriage had long since been removed. The guard, however, still patrolled the road for potential bandits. When Sattilde and Brynjolf passed by the gravel farm road, Sattilde took a quick glimpse at the farmhouse on the hill. Continue reading “Chapter Eight: Mercer’s Plan”


Chapter Seven: Gallus’s Journal

“Was it strange?” Sattilde held Brynjolf’s arm over her shoulder, helping him to walk the road to Winterhold.

“Was what strange, lass?” He winced.

“Seeing Karliah again.” Continue reading “Chapter Seven: Gallus’s Journal”

Chapter Six: Where the End Began

“I’m answering your summons.” intimidated, Sattilde took another step back. “You call me Dragonborn.” the robed monk put his hands in his sleeves, “What does that mean?”

“First, let us see if you truly are Dragonborn. Let us taste of your Voice.”

“Taste… my Voice?”

“Yes, use your thu’um against me.” the old man bowed. Continue reading “Chapter Six: Where the End Began”

Chapter Three: I Can’t Believe It! You’re…

Sattilde entered the meadery, greeted by a man cleaning his blade of blood, with two dead skeevers on the floor. She closed the door behind her, to let him know she had arrived. In front of her, a wooden counter stretched across the room with three stools for those that wanted to sample mead. Against the wall behind it were shelves of bottles of mead for tasting. At the left were several kegs to sample the different varieties available. At the right, where Sabjorn had just finished killing some of the aforementioned pests, she could see barrels upon barrels of mead ready to be transported to buyers across Skyrim. Continue reading “Chapter Three: I Can’t Believe It! You’re…”