2nd of Heartfire, 4E 201


I arrived in Whiterun this dawn. I finished dressing the carcasses and had to use my horse to help me haul the meat into town. Made a good bit of gold, but had to spend my earnings on healing potions and arrows.

To make any kind of profit, I’ll have to stay in town for a few more days. We could use a few more pelts back at the farm anyways.

I was able to kill a couple more elk this evening as well.

1st of Heartfire, 4E 201

I set out early this morning to go hunting. I had an excellent hunting trip: 2 deer, 2 elk, and a wolf.

My horse has made tracking and chasing deer easier. I did have to make quite a few trips to pick up the carcasses I dropped off at Rorikstead, but this venison has given me an excuse to make another trip to Whiterun.

We have an abundance of meat. The Shoals agreed, better to make coin off it than let it spoil. I leave in the morning.

29th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Rich! That horse made me rich!

3500 septims! I had to have 5 coin pouches just to hold all of those shiny coins! The last time I held so much gold in my life was when I paid for the farm!

But this . . . this isn’t payment gold; it’s profit gold!

I bought supplies, crop seeds, clothes, and after collecting the saltwater, I bought a horse. A HORSE! A living, breathing, four-legged animal of endurance. It only took a few hours to return home.


Tomorrow, I return to work on the farm though, and maybe someday, I’ll be able to return to Whiterun again.

28th of Last Seed, 4E 201


I’m in Dragon Bridge, only a couple of hours from Solitude!

We ran out of salt piles. The Shoals sent me north to the ocean to collect saltwater to boil. With the kills I made in Whiterun, I had enough food to get me to Dragon Bridge.

I crossed the river, near a bandit camp, and found a dead merchant and her carriage horse. I was able to butcher pounds upon pounds of meat! Fresh horse meat! Fresh valuable horse meat!

The innkeeper bought a few pounds, but I still have so much more to sell! I’m heading to Solitude come morn, where I’ll be able to make a large profit!

27th of Last Seed, 4E 201


I spent the last couple of days hunting for elk and chopping firewood for Hulda. I made quite a bit of gold (enough to buy me some healing potions, buy a camping tent, and purchase a knapsack).

I returned home today. The road was uneventful, other than some Imperial Legion soldiers wandering south, complaining of their armor.

It feels nice to be back home. The Shoals gave me my share of the farm’s profits. The sun is setting over the field, and even though it’s nice to be back home, I long for the big city. I’ve only been home for a couple of hours, and already, I desire the bustle of Whiterun, the shouting of merchants in the marketplace, and the safety of her walls.