10th of Heartfire, 4E 201

A dragon . . . a real, breathing fire, flying dragon.

And I killed it.

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9th of Heartfire, 4E 201

I finally mustered up the courage to leave for Whiterun. I laid awake all night, worried for the lives of everyone else, and I couldn’t just lay around and let a dragon kill an entire city because one person was too afraid to send word.


I left Riverwood and arrived at Dragonsreach around 4am. They seemed to have already been speaking about Helgen. The housecarl, Irileth, came at me with her sword drawn. When I spoke of the dragon at Helgen, she sheathed her weapon and told me to approach the throne.

Jarl Balgruuf was very gracious that I had come to him with the message. He’s sending a detachment of guards to Riverwood. He told me to eat and rest, and when I return, I can talk to Farengar, his court wizard, to help with the growing dragon menace.

5th of Heartfire, 4E 201

I’m barricading myself in The Giant’s Inn. I never want to step outside into the wilderness of Skyrim again.

I heard a rumor about a dragon in Helgen this morning. I figured it would be long gone by the time I got there (since the rumor had already traveled thus far.) So I set out to investigate.

I was wrong. I was (almost) dead wrong.

The dragon swooped up from behind the walls of Helgen! He roared and it made the whole ground shake! He was spiny; like daggers sticking out of his skin! And black. Blacker than ebony ingots. I’ve never seen a creature so black.


I high tailed it back to Riverwood. Elbjarn (my horse), seemed to be spooked as well. He didn’t stop until we reached the town. I never want to leave this inn room again.

2nd of Heartfire, 4E 201


I arrived in Whiterun this dawn. I finished dressing the carcasses and had to use my horse to help me haul the meat into town. Made a good bit of gold, but had to spend my earnings on healing potions and arrows.

To make any kind of profit, I’ll have to stay in town for a few more days. We could use a few more pelts back at the farm anyways.

I was able to kill a couple more elk this evening as well.