11th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Since conquering the dragon at the watchtower, Jarl Balgruuf has permitted me to purchase property within his hold, granted me the title of Thane, and assigned me, Lydia, as a personal housecarl.

The days, even though short, have felt like years. Which is why Lydia and I are returning to Shoal’s Rest to reflect on my new found duties.

Lydia suggested I take time off to work the farm and decide afterwards what to do about being Dragonborn. Surely there’s someone to help me hone this ability?


For once in the (almost) month I’ve been in Skyrim, I couldn’t be happier to be home at my farm.


9th of Heartfire, 4E 201

I finally mustered up the courage to leave for Whiterun. I laid awake all night, worried for the lives of everyone else, and I couldn’t just lay around and let a dragon kill an entire city because one person was too afraid to send word.


I left Riverwood and arrived at Dragonsreach around 4am. They seemed to have already been speaking about Helgen. The housecarl, Irileth, came at me with her sword drawn. When I spoke of the dragon at Helgen, she sheathed her weapon and told me to approach the throne.

Jarl Balgruuf was very gracious that I had come to him with the message. He’s sending a detachment of guards to Riverwood. He told me to eat and rest, and when I return, I can talk to Farengar, his court wizard, to help with the growing dragon menace.

5th of Heartfire, 4E 201

I’m barricading myself in The Giant’s Inn. I never want to step outside into the wilderness of Skyrim again.

I heard a rumor about a dragon in Helgen this morning. I figured it would be long gone by the time I got there (since the rumor had already traveled thus far.) So I set out to investigate.

I was wrong. I was (almost) dead wrong.

The dragon swooped up from behind the walls of Helgen! He roared and it made the whole ground shake! He was spiny; like daggers sticking out of his skin! And black. Blacker than ebony ingots. I’ve never seen a creature so black.


I high tailed it back to Riverwood. Elbjarn (my horse), seemed to be spooked as well. He didn’t stop until we reached the town. I never want to leave this inn room again.