So, I’m following (most of) the rules that Pyrelle put in place for Zander, with some changes.

1. If she dies, that’s the end. No reloading, no do overs, no take backsies. The only exception is glitches or bugs. After all, you only get one life, right?

2. Walk everywhere. No running and no fast travel. No one runs everywhere anyways.

3. Eat and drink regularly. Dynami is no different than the regulars at the Bee and Barb who drink and eat. (I have the Realistic Needs and Diseases Mod, so it’s not like I have a choice anyways.)

4. Dynami is a hunter, therefore will make most of her money by hunting in the wilds. However, she IS a hero/adventurer, so, some plundering will be available to her with the exception of selling enemies’ gear and equipment. (Because no one would lug 5 steel cuirasses around)

5. She is permitted to join guilds and factions as long as it is what her character would do. She isn’t a murderer or a wizard though, so she won’t be joining them.

I have a list of the mods I’m using which will make following these rules easier as well.