Convenient Horses

  • This mod allows followers to have horses of their own, adds more saddles, ability to call horses, have horses follow you if you’re not riding them, and set AI behavior of horses (because some horses wouldn’t fight off a pack of wolves and we know it).

More Saddles

  • Self explanatory

Realistic Animals and Predators

  • Lone animals more likely to flee than attack, predators hunt during the day, adds offspring, predators attack each other instead of all of them ganging up on the Dragonborn, max speed increased in most animals, and more herds



Alternate Start

  • Instead of starting off in Helgen, Dynami bought a farm in Skyrim to start her life anew. There are several other options for this mod.

Trade and Barter

  • Relationships with merchants affect prices, your race can affect prices, your status can affect prices, lower prices in smaller towns, higher prices in cities, your skills can affect prices and merchandise, if you’re naked, have your weapon drawn, or you’re wearing a hood or helmet can affect prices, more/less gold for merchants depending on location and how much stock they have



Campfire: Complete Camping System

  • Able to build a campfire, buy camping equipment (tents, tanning racks, cooking pots, etc.), search for resources, and camping skills added


  • Adds cold weather survival gameplay elements


  • Able to field dress, skin, and harvest more ingredients from wildlife. Can change the amount of meats collected from kills (because an elk would definitely have more than one portion of venison), adds “sense direction” ability, can lure animals, and adds primitive cooking and hunting equipment available

Realistic Needs and Diseases

  • Diseases do more than just “you don’t look so well” dialogue or drain stamina, they can be deadly if not cured. Food can spoil. Must eat, drink, and sleep to survive. More camping gear available. More food and drinks available.

Speed Revised

  • Increases walking speed and decreases run speed to make it more realistic, increases sprinting speed, increases horses’ walking speed, increases horses’ stamina so they can gallop for longer, NPC’s walk/run speeds increased/decreased respectively

Take Notes

  • Since I only get a few hours of playtime a day, I need to be able to record Dynami’s adventure so I can post it to the blog whenever I’m able. This is just a journal mod to let you write down your character’s thoughts/doings/notes etc.



Collect Water from Wells

  • Because what’s the point in wells if you can’t use them?



Climates of Tamriel

  • New sky mesh, weather systems, unique days/nights/sunrises/sunsets, high quality cloud textures, atmospheric conditions for the different climates of Skyrim, fork lighting visuals to the sky, adds auroras that move, new thunder sounds, adds new sun/sunglares, unique lighting, adds natural atmospheric and fantasy lighting, and realistic nights

Realistic Lighting

  • Makes lighting more realistic, guards don’t carry torches within the cities anymore, spells illuminate when equipped, more realistic eye lighting, if places are poorly lit, it will be darker, more realistic sunlight, lighting for torches, candles, chandeliers, etc. are more realistic, and it makes your screenshots



Hunterborn Campfire Patch
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch