4th of Heartfire, 4E 201

I think I’m going crazy. Yesterday, I actually considered killing a mammoth. I must be going out of my mind.

I hunted much safer game yesterday though, and had a decent haul.


No hunting today though, as it’s storming outside. Seems rain herds all the merchants into the Bannered Mare. I spoke with Carlotta, a produce merchant, who said she was having trouble with the bard harassing her.

I spoke to him for her and told him to stop messing with her. He complied.

Then I spoke to the blacksmith, who requested I deliver a sword she made for her father to Dragonsreach. I did as such.


It was exciting seeing the inside of the Jarl’s palace. Big columns, low lighting, and a fire pit that, at first, looked to be a mile long. If I could afford a house in Whiterun, I would, just to sit in the palace every day and stare up at the big dragon skull mounted on the wall.

A Nord can dream, I suppose.


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