Hello there and welcome!

For those of you just now listening in on the stories I will come to tell you, welcome!

For those of you who have put up with my moving and organizing, abandonment and revising, I apologize profusely.

I know I haven’t been active for a while, but if it’s any consolation, I’ve been working behind the scenes revising and rewriting A Skyrim Tale. This isn’t the same story anymore. I went to fanfiction.net and after realizing the “lost memory” thing was overdone and beaten to death, I did away with Athena.

Athena is still in the story (in spirit), but you’re about to find out the history of this character at the beginning of the tale, rather than the end. So buckle in, because it is one heck of a revise.
I’ve added my own characters into the lore, while still holding true to The Elder Scrolls lore as closely as possible.

In between working on these chapters (for inspiration mostly), I’ve added mods to my game. I’ve always wanted to write a character as if they were documenting their journey (much like the journals you find in-game), and those of you regulars here, know I’ve abandoned a couple of those along the way. NO MORE. No more deleting saved files because I feel it’s too far gone.

This new character is Dynami, “strength”, and some of you may like her, some of you may not. I’ll post 1 – 2 screenshots of gameplay in her journal entries (because they’re pretty~), but other than that, she’s mostly on a mission to acquire wealth and fame. Each entry will be posted on the day it coincides with in-game. (i.e. 17th of Last Seed is on a Sundas in-game; therefore, the journal entry will be posted on a Sunday; 18th of Last Seed is on a Morndas in-game; therefore, the journal entry will be posted on a Monday, etc. etc.) This is to give posting Skyrim journal entries a neat feel, as if you’re logging in to see if she’s written in her diary. It’s also to give me plenty of time to play and post updates without people really noticing if I’ve gone AWOL.

On Sunday, when the blog officially starts, I will have all of Dynami’s journal entries available as they come. You can find them by clicking “Journal of Dynami” on the homepage.

Every Sunday, I will try to post chapters from TES Tales: Book I: Skyrim.

That is all for now! Have a great day!


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